Ultimate Guide – Prism Photography Tips

Pin203Share17Tweet220 SharesAre you interested in learning how to use a prism for photography?  These prism photography tips will guide you through a photography prism to buy and how to use a prism.  Prism Photography is a really neat technique and photography hack that will boost your enthusiasm to pick up your camera more often!  Prism Photography Tips I have been in love with prisms since I watched the Haley Mills version of Pollyanna when I was a little girl. The idea of dancing rainbows on the wall is so fun. “The sun comes through here and paints a rainbow.” In actuality the science behind it is not that different then the science behind how a camera works. The light comes through and refracts at an angle creating the “rainbow” effect. There’s more scientific explanation to this but to be honest I am not that technical, but I hope you’ll learn from my Prism Photography Tips today. In all honesty there is a lot of trial and error in prism photography. You can get a general idea of what your end result will look like but more often than not it’s just happy accidents. I first tried prism photography during a photo challenge … Continue reading Ultimate Guide – Prism Photography Tips