Instant Pot Kettle Corn Snack Recipe

  This Instant Pot Kettle Corn Snack Recipe is addicting!  An easy and quick snack to break up the mundane afternoons or for family movie night!  I use my Instant Pot for everything and you should too!  Kettle corn in your instant pot is a must.   The idea in my mind that inspired this Instant Pot Kettle Corn Recipe was wanting a fun, easy and cheap snack for my family.  The fun part is you can also change it up a bit if you’d like to add some pizzazz to it….by adding mini chocolate chips, drizzle melted chocolate on it or sprinkle with some fun colorful sprinkles! How to Make Instant Pot Kettle Corn  Here’s how to make this Instant Pot Kettle Corn Snack.   Something to be aware of:  You will need an Instant Pot Glass lid for popping the popcorn!  This keeps the heat in while you’re able to watch it and monitor the popping of the corn. Step 1 – Set Instant Pot to Saute – High Temperature. Step 2 – Add oil (I used coconut oil because it gets hotter for cooking) then wait for your Instant pot to read “Hot”. Step 3 –  Add 3 popcorn kernels, cover with glass … Continue reading Instant Pot Kettle Corn Snack Recipe